Some reviews for The Worst Man on Mars.

Jemahl Evans blog  -  8 Sep 2016

"...some very British humour, rattling along at a goodly pace, with short chapters and unexpected twists galore."


Listen, Learn, Read Kirill Degtyarenko's blog - 10 Nov 2016

"... it is actually quite funny. And rude. At times, very funny and very rude. And very British."


SFcrowsnest review - 15 Nov 2016

"Some parts of the book had me laughing so much I had to literally put it down and step away."

Michael R Jones blog - 1 Jan 2017

 "This was a romp. Very funny. Excellent characterisations with some memorable parodies and laugh out loud moments.."


Publishers Weekly - 16 Jun 2017

“Duke and Roman inspire much laughter in their first book … With humor that ranges from slapstick to the macabre, this story reveals the absurdity that might ensue if technology is endowed with too much personality.”



Published by Grand Mal Press on 2nd September 2016.