Some reviews for The Worst Man on Mars.

Jemahl Evans blog  -  8 Sep 2016

"...some very British humour, rattling along at a goodly pace, with short chapters and unexpected twists galore."


Listen, Learn, Read Kirill Degtyarenko's blog - 10 Nov 2016

"... it is actually quite funny. And rude. At times, very funny and very rude. And very British."


SFcrowsnest review - 15 Nov 2016

"Some parts of the book had me laughing so much I had to literally put it down and step away."

Michael R Jones blog - 1 Jan 2017

 "This was a romp. Very funny. Excellent characterisations with some memorable parodies and laugh out loud moments.."


Publishers Weekly - 16 Jun 2017

“Duke and Roman inspire much laughter in their first book … With humor that ranges from slapstick to the macabre, this story reveals the absurdity that might ensue if technology is endowed with too much personality.”

BookLife - 31 Jul 2017

"Plenty of intriguing plot twists expand the story and its characters."



Published by Grand Mal Press on 2nd September 2016.